North Carolina Adoption Attorney

When you are considering adopting a child, you agree to accept legal rights and obligations for that child. There are various types of adoptions in North Carolina including stepparent, private, and agency adoptions. In North Carolina even adults can be adopted. Regardless of the type of adoption there are certain processes which must be followed.


Adoptive parents must go through thorough background checks, obtain the required consents to adoption, and provide an affidavit indicating whether there was any payment made for the adoption. As an adoptive parent, you will also have to file a petition for adoption with the court after which the court has 90 days to grant a hearing. In all cases, once a petition has been filed, the process must be adjudicated within six months.

In order to proceed with an adoption of a minor child in North Carolina you will need to have both parents consent.  If you cannot get the consent of one parent and they have been absent from the minor child’s life then you must also file a separate proceeding called a termination of parental rights.  Getting the court to terminate a parent’s rights is a very serious process and not one that judges take likely.  It is important that you hire an attorney that is experienced with those types of proceedings.

Adopting a child is exciting for your entire family. At Thomas Law Firm, we have helped families across the Cumberland County area navigate the adoption process. We will take the time to make sure you have a solid understanding of your rights during this process, as well as your obligations during and after the adoption.