Child Custody & Support

North Carolina Child Custody Attorney

Arranging for the care of minor children is an essential part of any successful divorce agreement. We strive to ensure that custodial parents have the financial means necessary to provide for medical care, education costs, and other expenses. We are also committed to helping parents develop custody and visitation agreements that give each parent as much time as possible with their child.

At The Thomas Law Firm, we represent clients in a variety of custody and support related matters including:

  • Modification hearings
  • Enforcement hearings
  • Grandparent rights
  • Contempt proceedings
  • Visitation matters
  • Interstate custody

Child Custody & Support

We are committed to doing what is in the best interests of your children

During child custody and child support proceedings it is important that you focus on doing what is in the best interests of your children. At our Fayetteville law offices, we strive to help parents forget about the problems they have between each other and focus on doing what is in their children’s best interests.

Our clients appreciate our honest and straightforward approach to legal representation. We will be upfront with you regarding your case and what you can expect during child custody and support hearings. If we don’t think you can be awarded primary custody, we will tell you and work on alternative options that will provide you with the most benefits. Our skilled lawyers strive to familiarize clients with every possible outcome so that they can develop strategies that will work for you.

In North Carolina child support is normally calculated according to a specific formula and calculator.  Using the correct numbers is essential to determining the amount of support that is required to be paid.  Under certain circumstances the court can order an upward or downward deviation from the guidelines.  During your consultation we can discuss with you whether you may qualify for a deviation.

Unless there is a custody order neither parent has custody of the minor children so it is important that until that issue is resolved you either reach a temporary agreement with the other parent or you contact an attorney right away to ensure that the children are not snatched back and forth between the parents.  It is not against the law to remove the children from the state if there is no court order however unless you have agreed to that with the other parent (which you should get in writing) the better practice is to contact an attorney so that you can get at least temporary custody established before you leave the state.

Contact a North Carolina Child Support Attorney

If you are seeking an experienced child custody and support attorney, contact our law firm to discuss your case immediately. We are committed to helping clients achieve quick and effective resolutions. We have experience in all child support matters whether against the state or private attorneys.