North Carolina Divorce Attorney

Divorce is a stressful and difficult time in most people’s life. We understand what you are going through. The decisions you have to make and the changes that you have to accept are often what make divorce so challenging for most people.

Our firm’s reputation is based on personal service and tough representation. We don’t like seeing our clients being taken advantage of. In matters of property division, spousal support, child support, or child custody, you can be assured that we will aggressively protect your interests during settlement discussions and if necessary during litigation.

In North Carolina, at least one of the parties must have been a resident for at least six months, and the law also requires at least one year’s of physical separation before you can file for divorce. Just being in separate bedroom is not enough.

Even if you are not sure where your spouse is, we can help you get divorced and can also assist with drafting prenuptial agreements and legal name changes.


Uncontested divorce proceedings

It is not difficult to obtain an uncontested divorce. Just because there are property issues, child custody and support or alimony issues does not mean that you cannot get a divorce or that the divorce itself is contested, just that there are other issues to resolve in addition to the divorce. However, it is important to discuss the process with an experienced divorce lawyer before making a decision. Once you have been granted a divorce it’s too late to go back and undo it. At our law offices, we take the time to sit down and explain how an uncontested and contested divorce will effect you.

Contested divorce proceedings

How will you divide a pension plan? Who will keep the house? How much money do you need to support your children? These and other complicated issues make contested divorce proceedings very difficult. The issues surrounding child support, custody, property divisions, and alimony, require experienced and sympathetic legal counsel.

Military Divorces

Located near Fort Bragg, we have helped many service men and women during their divorce proceedings. Members of the military face all of the issues of a normal divorce along with the added stresses of deployments, changes in duty stations, and military benefits. Finding legal representation can be extremely difficult if you are stationed overseas. We provide the same dedication to skilled counsel and personal service to clients who are oversees as we do to those in the United States. Our attorney has a personal relationship and background with the military that gives her a unique insight into issues that might arise.

Contact an experienced military divorce attorney at our Fayetteville law firm to discuss your divorce issues immediately, or if you need assistance with drafting prenuptial agreements or a legal name change.