Domestic Violence

North Carolina Domestic Violence Attorney

North Carolina General Assembly enacted the Domestic Violence Act, Chapter 50B in 1979 due to a growing number of victims of domestic violence. While we hope you never are a victim of domestic violence, we are here to help if you are victimized.

Domestic Violence

A local county magistrate or the County Court would be able to help you obtain a protective order. The process involves filing a complaint with the court and providing information about the domestic violence and the person whom you are accusing. The court may issue an ex-parte protective order based on your complaint when the other party is not available for the hearing. If such an order is issued, the court is obligated to hold another hearing within 10 days to allow the accuser to be heard as well.

Protective orders may be renewed if cause can be shown. Keep in mind, you need not wait until you suffer a bodily injury to be eligible for a protective order, you can apply for orders of protection if you are in fear of bodily injury due to threats or harassment by a partner or family member.

In some instances a spouse may use false allegations of domestic violence to try and get an edge up during a separation.  If you have been accused of domestic violence you must get an attorney to ensure your rights are protected as having a restraining order against you may affect your job, residence and access to your children.

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