Military Family Law

North Carolina Military Family Law Attorney

Divorces are always stressful and when you combine a divorce with the rigors of military service, it can be even more stressful. The termination of a military marriage is complicated for numerous reasons including military benefits, the potential of deployments or change of duty station, and other issues unique to military personnel.

Military Family Law

While most divorces in North Carolina require one of the parties to be living in the state for at last six months, there are exceptions made for those who are serving in the military. You should speak with one of our attorneys to determine what exceptions are available.

Another complicated matter when dealing with military divorces is retirement and pension benefits. When a marriage lasts for 10 years or more, generally the retirement benefits are divided equally. It is important to be aware this is negotiable, so you should discuss this with your attorney.

There are many legal issues in a divorce that require you hire an attorney with military experience.  You will need an attorney that can keep help defend your rights or help ensure you get all benefits to which you may be entitled too.  Some issues to consider are division of pensions, TSP, family support obligations and continuation of health benefits after divorce.

Child custody, support payments, and division of assets are nearly always more complicated when one, or both spouses are serving, or have served in the military. Contact Thomas Law Firm if you are a service member, or married to a service member and are considering divorce.